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Travel smart with Medicare

Before going on any trip, creating a checklist is always recommended. While you are updating your passport, checking the weather to prepare to pack, you should also make sure to check on your health coverage while traveling. Medicare can be great for travelers if the proper decisions are made.

Original Medicare covers you in the United States of America, including the District of Columbia, Guam, U.S. Virgins Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and America Samoa. If you are going outside of these lands and/or overseas, for a majority of the time Medicare will not pay for the health services or supplies. There are some rare occasions where Medicare will cover your service or supplies.  An example of the rare occasions where Medicare will cover your service or supplies is as the following: If your emergency happens in the United States of America but nearest hospital to treat you is in Canada or Mexico.

According to Medicare.gov “In some cases, Medicare may cover medically necessary health care services you get on board a ship within the territorial waters adjoining the land areas of the U.S. Medicare won’t pay for health care services you get when a ship is more than 6 hours away from a U.S. port. “  As you can see, understanding the boundaries, the loop holes and the safety net created by Medicare is best left to an expert to fully understand.

Many experts advise their clients to invest in travel insurance as a “just to get home” safety net. when you have travel insurance you will have coverage for things that aren’t an emergency. It’s reasonably priced, and a great asset to have to in your back pocket if you are a frequent traveler, particularly an international traveler. If you have an emergency under $50,000, Medigap is a great option for you. With Medigap you can go anywhere in the U.S. that accepts Medicare . Also most Medigap plans include foreign travel emergency coverage up to  $50,000- but this coverage is meant to be reimbursed. For example, if you were hurt abroad, depending on the procedure needed you would either Medivac to the United States or receive treatment abroad. Either way, it would be your responsibility to pay for that procedure out of pocket, and then the insurance company will reimburse the claim. The Medigap covers 80% up to 50k, so you could still end up with a big bill.

So before setting sail, or boarding the plane, make sure you speak to your Medicare advisor and ask many questions. No one plans to have a medical emergency while on vacay, but it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Understanding Part D

Part D may feel difficult to understand, but it is a very important element to grasp an full understanding of.  The very first thing to understand is that having a yearly review considering your Part  D plan is vital. It is vital because your Part D plan can change on a yearly basis.  Your medication, dosage, provider’s location, and cost may change on the since last year.

Medication has tiers ranging from big name brands to generic brands. The cost, and tier requirements may change in which you may benefit or pay extra for the same drugs.   When speaking to our experts at Senior Health Medicare, we will not only review your current Part D plan, but we will put together a plan that will give you the same coverage with the best prices. 9 times out of 10 you and your spouse do not share the exact medication, to combat that our experts will create an individual plan for you and your spouse.

Call us now- before October 15th to get an appointment with our advisers. Enter your medications into our Part D Analysis form on the website. We will do a FREE drug plan comparison and recommend the plan with lowest out of pocket cost based on your medications.

Part D Analysis form: https://seniorhealthmedicare.com/health-ins-form2.php

Unbiased and Factual Medicare Presentations Available Year Round

Senior Health Medicare Presentations Overview

Unbiased and useful information is what viewers of our Medicare presentations can expect, always. With almost two decades of experience in Medicare, our presenters are the best of the best and can help you feel secure and informed when it comes to your Medicare insurance. If you’re a part of a group, association, retiree club, or credit union, this is a great FREE way to provide more benefits to your members.

On-Site Medicare Workshops

 If your group is located in the state of Michigan, or in the bordering states like Ohio or Indiana, we would be happy to hold an on-site Medicare workshop at your location or a location of your choice. We provide the lunch and the information, and your members benefit.

Virtual “Webinar-style” Medicare Workshops

Same information just presented virtually for those on-the-go or out of our region. Great way to get a feel for our presenters and style before committing to an in-person workshop. Also a great way to get the same valuable information on your time and schedule.

Choose from a list of intriguing topics like:

  • “Medicare 101: An Overview of the Medicare Benefit”
  • “Medicare Advantage versus Medicare Supplement”
  • “How the Affordable Care Act Will Effect Medicare in the Next 5 Years”
  • “How to Recognize and Avoid Medicare Scams”
  • “Understanding the Difference Between Part A and Part B”
  • “Part D Prescription Plans Made Clear”
  • “How to Choose the Right Medicare Supplement Plan”
  • And more! We can customize topics based on audience interest.

Our presentation calendar fills up quickly, so book your spot today! We recommend late summer/early fall time slots to make the best impact on your members right before the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Call Cortney to set up your FREE Medicare presentation at (517) 304-3484 or email her at cpeters@seniorhealthmedicare.com