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Can I keep my doctor if I switch to a medicare supplement?

Can I keep my doctor if I switch to a medicare supplement? 

Yes, at least, most likely. 98% of all doctors in the united states accept medicare.  It is the bread and butter of most hospitals because seniors make up the majority of hospitalized patients.


If your doctor accepts medicare, your doctor will take medicare supplements!


Imagine medicare as a road with a bunch of pot holes. Medicare supplements is the tar that the road crews fill the road with. Once it’s added it just becomes part of medicare!

What is a special enrollment period?

What is a special enrollment period?
When you lose your current coverage involuntarily from an employer or if your coverage ceases to exist because of a companies decision to end a program, you will get a special enrollment period. This special enrollment period gives you the option to sign up with medicare without underwriting.

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What is an Initial Enrollment Period?

An initial enrollment period is a period where you are immune to medical underwriting. This means if you had a surgery that would prevent you from enrolling into a supplement plan it doesn’t count against you during this period. If you can pay for one of these medicare supplement plans you can get on them so long as you maintain your payments.

Your initial enrollment period starts 3 months before your 65th birthday month and ends 3 months after. It lasts a total of 7 months. During that time you can switch to any plan you want to!

When Is The Annual Enrollment Period for medicare?

When Is The Annual Enrollment Period for medicare?

The annual enrollment period for medicare is between October 15th and December 7th each year.
During this time you’re going to be able to do a few special things.

  • Change your Medicare Part D Plan.
  • Change from and to medicare advantage programs.
  • Change from a medicare advantage program to a medicare supplement.

This a time where medicare is crazy busy and agents are very active.

Keep in mind, if you have a medicare supplement you are going to be able to change your medicare at any day and time.


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