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4 Ways to Navigate Medicare

Medicare is not the easiest system to understand let alone to navigate. Here is a few quick facts to make sure you are setting yourself up for major success.

1 If you are currently covered by group employer insurance, you can defer receiving Medicare as long as you want. Once again, this is ONLY if you are covered by employer insurance.

2 Individuals turning 65 years old have six months for the initial enrollment period where underwriting is not a requirement in the process of Medicare. Even though we all love underwriting, this time period allow the process to run even smoother.

3 The initial period is the 3 months prior to your birthday, your actual birthday, and the 3 month post your 65th birthday.  It may seem like a long time now, but those 6 months will pass you if you are not paying attention.

4 If you recently stop receiving employer insurance and over 65 years old, you have a 8 month period after your insurance was discontinued called the Special enrollment period. For example, if your insurance was discontinued in May your special enrollment period will end in December.

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Making Medicare Simple and Easy

If you ever wanted a personal assistant, especially with the confusing world of Medicare, My is an amazing tool! My is a free, secure, online portal that manages your personalized information regarding Medicare benefits and services. It is very simple to set-up, and can be used to check  information about your coverage, enrollment status and Medicare claims.

You can make getting all the necessary information about your coverage, prescription drugs, and health records easy for your doctor and any doctor you may need in the future. You never know when you’ll need to see a doctor while traveling. As you may know, not every doctor has your personal list of medications. This tool allows you to have everything you need at your finger tips.

According to sources at eHealth Medicare, your personal information is protected by the CMS.  The CMS is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services,  The CMS has many guidelines such as, what type of information is being used, who is collecting the information, and how are they using the information collected.  This amazing tool has many other functions for your disposal, so give it try!

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