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Tips for Navigating Medicare Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for Medicare runs now through December 7th, with changes taking effect on January 1st, 2021. If no action is taken, 2020 coverage continues next year. However, now is the time to verify whether there’s a more cost-effective option to suit your circumstances. The annual fall enrollment period is for adding or changing coverage related to an Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C) and prescription drugs (Part D), meaning you can switch, add, or drop those parts.

About 62.7 million people are enrolled in Medicare; most are 65 or older. A third of beneficiaries are enrolled in Advantage Plans, and the remainder are enrolled in Part A (in-patient coverage) and Part B (outpatient care) plans. Part D, a standalone/supplemental plan, is also offered by private insurance companies.

By September 30th, Advantage Plans or prescription drug plans should alert beneficiaries about whether their coverage is changing for the upcoming year. Specific options vary significantly from year-to-year despite being federally regulated. Check your notice to see whether any changes will be taking place. Prescription coverage, deductible costs, and in-network doctors are some examples of adjustments that could change.

If you wanted to drop your Advantage Plan instead of switching to another, you’d be left with original Medicare (Parts A and B) and would need to get a standalone Part D prescription drug plan if you wanted that coverage. Medigap (supplemental Medicare policies) help cover cost-sharing aspects of original Medicare, which is Part A and Part B outpatient coverage, including copays and insurance.

When initially enrolling for Plan B to purchase Medigap, beneficiaries receive a six-month window without having to answer health questions and be penalized for pre-existing conditions. One exception is that if the beneficiary had an Advantage Plan for less than a year or it is their initial enrollment. In that case, a unique enrollment window of 12 months is allotted for a Medigap policy.  

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