Three Ways to Save on Medicare Expenses

Medicare expenses can pile up. If you need assistance paying for health or prescription costs, check out these three resources that might help cover your expenditures:

Medicare Savings Programs: There are four savings programs run by every state. They can help you pay for your premiums and other expenses. To see whether you qualify, contact your state Medicaid program.

Extra Help: Those with limited revenue or resources can qualify for Extra Help for Part D drug costs. If you have applied for Medicaid or one of the Medicare Savings Programs, Extra Help will automatically be enacted for drug costs. You can apply for free online through the US Social Security Administration.

Medicaid: A joint federal and state program that is tailored to help those with limited income and resources, aiding with medical costs. Medicaid offers benefits not typically covered by Medicare, such as nursing home and personal care services. Every state has its own guidelines.

The most efficient way to save money is to choose the right health and drug coverage. The Medicare Plan Finder compares Medicare coverage options. You can also reduce your Medicare premiums by enrolling on time, reporting changes in income, and shopping around for plans.

To learn more about Medicare costs and lower them with help from professionals, contact Senior Health Medicare today. Our experts are ready to assist you with all your Medicare questions, concerns, and needs.

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