4 Ways to Navigate Medicare

Medicare is not the easiest system to understand let alone to navigate. Here is a few quick facts to make sure you are setting yourself up for major success.

1 If you are currently covered by group employer insurance, you can defer receiving Medicare as long as you want. Once again, this is ONLY if you are covered by employer insurance.

2 Individuals turning 65 years old have six months for the initial enrollment period where underwriting is not a requirement in the process of Medicare. Even though we all love underwriting, this time period allow the process to run even smoother.

3 The initial period is the 3 months prior to your birthday, your actual birthday, and the 3 month post your 65th birthday.  It may seem like a long time now, but those 6 months will pass you if you are not paying attention.

4 If you recently stop receiving employer insurance and over 65 years old, you have a 8 month period after your insurance was discontinued called the Special enrollment period. For example, if your insurance was discontinued in May your special enrollment period will end in December.

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